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Invite for bidding process

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Who we are & what we do


The company "Trios-Techno" was founded in 2001. During these time the company has grown from a small company engaged in the supply of construction and industrial equipment, to organization offer the complete range of engineering and consulting services.
Production made "Trios-Techno", certified and complies with all state and industry standards.

Our company produces:

- Metal structures for buildings and structures.
- Any non-standard metal structures according to customer drawings.
- Metal structures Conveyor production (elements of conveyor systems, lifting of sunk, reloading sections, drives, skids, containers, etc.)
Our company develops and implements technological projects for car assembly lines and the system of transport of the car assembly plants:

- Engineering technology of assembling cars
- Engineering assembly plant
- Development projects of production equipment
- Industrial equipment
- Installation and commissioning of equipment and control systems
- industrial Automation
- Design, manufacture and repair of conveyor lines and special equipment (assembly and welding equipment, tooling, test equipment)
- Control of geometry and reverse engineering
Our company carries out construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures, Structural Work at all stages, starting with preparatory work to delivery "turnkey".
...Maintenance, construction and installation work at energy object ......
Our company offers a wide range of construction and industrial equipment. Our catalog contains high-quality and reliable equipment from leading manufacturers.
Our company provides services for the supply, design, installation and maintenance of complex security facilities, with tolerances on the design and installation, license Emergencies Ministry and Federal Security Service of Russia:

- Systems security and technological surveillance.
- Security lighting system.
- Systems of control & access management.
- Systems of the security & fire alarms.
- Warning systems.
- Production and installation of engineering and physical barriers.
- Server arrangement, control room, security room, checkpoints.
Amount of work on activities

Production of metal structures 14%
Construction and installation works 39%
Industrial equipment 13%
Works on objects of automotive industry 10%
Works on energy objects 19%
Design 4%
Contact us

TRADING DEPARTMENT: Togliatti, Mira st. 29, tel.: +7(8482) 28 35 35

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY DEPARTMENT: Togliatti, Frunze st. 14, office 237, tel.: +7(8482) 555 186

PRODUCTION: Togliatti, Nikonova st., 43, tel.: +7(8482) 97 99 97

SERVICE: Togliatti, Nikonova st., 43, tel.: +7(8482) 97 99 97